Please Note

The Forest History Society of Ontario does not keep historical records of any kind.  Our purpose is to connect people who either have historical information or want to find historical information with the right organization/people to assist you in your needs.  For instance, if you have archival material, please contact us and we will assist you in connecting with an archives that may be interested in your records.  If you are looking for information, we will attempt to connect you with the appropriate organization/people who may be able to answer your questions.

The Forest History Society of Ontario (FHSO) can use your help in a number of different ways including:

How You Can Help

Joining Our Board of Directors

The FHSO has an active Board of Directors that meets regularly to set strategic direction and manage the organization.  If you have an interest in  helping the organization determine where and how to focus its efforts, and have a few hours to give each month, then please send an email to expressing your interest.

Inputting Publication and Archive Information into our Databases

The FHSO has two online databases to capture information on: 1) publications and other media related to Ontario forest history; and 2) archival material related to Ontario forest history.  You can help the organization by inputting information to one or both of these databases, especially local information.

Interviewing People Involved in Forest History

The FHSO is interested in documenting forest history through oral interviews.  If you are aware of someone in your local area who has played a role in Ontario's forest history, please consider interviewing them and documenting the interview digitally or in writing.

Writing Articles for Forestory

The FHSO welcomes articles for its semi-annual publication Forestory.  Articles can include descriptions of history related to local, regional or provincial events, people, organizations or ecology, as examples.

Contacting Local Museums, Archives and Historical Societies

The FHSO is interested in knowing more about local museums, archives or historical societies, the forestry related materials they hold, and opportunities for assisting these organizations in building their forestry history related holdings.

In all cases, if you are interested in one or more of the above opportunities, please send an email to with your name, contact information and how you would like to help FHSO achieve its goals of discovering, preserving and informing about Ontario's forest history.


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